Maps Guide

How to show a map on a post

To display a map on a post, simply tag the post with the prefix “place:” followed by any location / address. Travelogue theme will pick up the tag and place the corresponding map and a text link.

Example of tags:



It’s important to note that there are no commas in between the words. You’ll notice if you try this when you’re typing the tag out that it’ll break the tag as if you’re going to write another tag, so try to remember to just use spaces.

So that’s that, simply tag the post with the place and Travelogue theme will take care of the rest.

Changing the zoom level

The default zoom level of a map shown on a post is level 4. This is great for showing neighbouring countries/states. But if you wanted to show a different zoom level (maybe you want to show a map of your favourite coffee shop, which needs to be zoomed in more), then you simply need to add another tag with the prefix of “zoom:”. Here’s some examples:



Usage limits (please read)

Travelogue theme uses Google Maps data which is free if you have less than 25,000 map requests a day, which is more than enough for most blogs.

However, if your blog gets more than 25,000 requests you don’t need to worry, as you have to have over 25,000 requests for 90 consecutive days before you may need to either purchase additional quota from Google’s API console or reduce your usage to below the limits. For more information on Google Maps usage limits see here

This is where the Google Maps API Key comes in. You don’t actually need to have a an API Key for maps to work with Travelogue theme. But, if you would like to track your usage then you will need to put this key into your theme’s customisation settings. To obtain a Google Maps API Key, follow this link and follow the instructions.

Paste your API key here (in your theme’s customize panel):

Once you put a Google Maps API Key into the customisation settings, you’ll be able to monitor the amount of map requests your blog gets each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to use Google Maps with Travelogue theme?

Yes, simply start tagging your posts with places and maps will start displaying next to posts. You won’t need to pay a cent unless your blog gets over 25,000 map requests a day for 90 consecutive days in a row. See above (under Usage Limits) for more information.

How can I track to see how many map requests I get a day?

Obtain a Google Maps API Key from here and then put it in the related text field when you customise your theme. This will mean you can go to the Google API Console and view reports.

If I tag posts with business names will a map be generated?

No, various landmarks (e.g. Eiffel Tower) may work but business names won’t. For example, if you wanted to tag a post with a map location for “Bob’s Burgers”, tag the place with the address, which might be “10 Bob Street New York USA”.

What happens if I input a place and it isn’t found?

If the tagged address isn’t found then the map won’t be shown on the post.